About Rhythm ‘n’ Ruach

11219229_923484601031649_5224525929132364620_nRhythm ‘N’ Ruach is a Parent/Child music program that is connecting children to Hebrew and Jewish Music.  Rhythm ‘n’ Ruach is a weekly opportunity to spend joyous, quality time with your kids, grand kids, or loved ones, celebrating songs and rhythms that will follow them throughout their growing years. and Each class teaches and reinforces fundamental building blocks and skills, as we learn together the music of our culture through interactive play, dance, story, and listening to fosters a relationship of personal growth and spiritual connection between you and your child.


To introduce the joy of Judaism into the souls of children and families, whether they are infants, toddlers, school age, teens, or adults through Song and Music.


Rhythm ‘N’ Ruach is a way to connect children/youth to Judaism through upbeat, high energy, music.  Both through participating in the music with drums, tambourines, shakers, and guitars  our participants gain necessary skills of listening and participation while singing, dancing, and experimenting in a fun and safe setting.

Rhythm ‘N’ Ruach also conducts weekly family/youth/tot Shabbat Services in the community, as well as High Holiday Services that are exciting, fun, and unique, rich with educational content.

Rhythm ‘N’ Ruach participates in pre-school programming as well as other age group educational venues teaching both music as well as focusing on Middos (character traits)

Rhythm ‘N’ Ruach is hands on. It’s a tool to connect your child with Judaism for years to come.

Preschool Program

Rhythm ‘n’ Ruach is a program that introduces Jewish Songs to your children’s young souls. High energy singing and playing with guitars, drums, shakers, tambourines, and more.

Rhythm ‘n’ Ruach also gives life to the weekly parsha through activities, stories, and games.

Jeff and Shelley Dean, founders of Rhythm ‘n’ Ruach, are a spirited duo who will captivate and excite your children, and encourage a love of Judaism.